Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cajeput essential oil

Cajeput essential oil, Melaleuca cajeputi, clears and stimulates the mind, aiding in concentration. Use it in a chest rub to bring down high temperatures and encourage the expulsion of mucus and congestion. Use it in massage oils or salves (liniments) to relieve pain in muscular aches, arthritis, and rheumatism. Spiritually used to elevate the spirit and encourages the creation of new pathways. Cajeput essential oil has been held in high regard in the east where it is used for colds, headaches, throat infections, toothache, sore and aching muscles, fever (cholera), rheumatism and various skin diseases. Only the oil is used in the western herbal tradition, and is known for producing a sensation of warmth and quickening the pulse. It is used for chronic laryngitis and bronchitis, cystitis, rheumatism and to expel roundworm. Used in dentistry and pharmaceutical work as an antiseptic; in expectorant and tonic formulations, throat lozenges, gargles, etc. Used as a fragrance and freshening agent in soaps, cosmetics, detergents and perfumes. Occasionally employed as a flavor component in food products and soft drinks.
Cajeput essential oil, melaleuca cajeputi, also called white tea tree essential oil, white tree essential oil, and swamp tea tree essential oil, is closely related to other members of the melaleuca group, notably eucalyptus, niaouli, and tea tree. Cajeput essential oil is produced by steam distillation of the fresh leaves and twigs from a tall evergreen tree up to 30 meters high, having thick pointed leaves and white flowers, and a flexible trunk with whitish spongy bark, hense the Malaysian name ‘caju-puti’ or white wood. It grows wild in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Java, Australia, and south-eastern Asia.
Cajeput essential oil, melaleuca cajeputi, blends well with the following essential oils: eucalyptus, mints, and wintergreen.
Cajeput oil cautions - Normally non-toxic, non-sensitizing, but may irritate some skin types.  Always dilute with a carrier oil before using.
Cajeput essential oil properties - Mildly analgesic, anti microbial, anti neuralgic (pulmonary, urinary, intestinal), anthelminthic, diaphoretic, carminative, expectorant, febrifuge, insecticide, sudorific, tonic.

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