Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vanilla essential oil

Vanilla essential oil, vanilla planifolia, is used in pharmaceutical products as a flavoring agent, and as a fragrance ingredient, in perfumes, especially oriental types. It is widely used to flavor tobacco and as a food flavoring, mainly ice-cream, yogurt, and chocolate. Vanilla oil is calming, comforting, and dispels anger, frustration, and tensions. Its relaxing influence can help to induce menstruation, and it is an aphrodisiac because of its relaxing and sensual fragrance. It is recommended to use it in massage blends, particularly when there is tension in the female reproductive system.
Vanilla extracted oil is produced from this perennial herbaceous climbing vine up to 25m high, with green stems and large white flowers that have a deep narrow trumpet. The oil is a resinoid (often called an oleoresin) by solvent extraction from the ‘cured’ vanilla beans. The deep trumpet-shaped flowers have to be hand pollinated - except in Mexico where the native humming birds do most of the work. An absolute is occasionally produced by further extraction from the resinoid. Vanilla is native to Central America and Mexico and cultivated mainly in Madagascar and Mexico. Vanilla is also cultivated in Tahiti, the Comoro Islands, East Africa and Indonesia, although the pods are often processed in Europe or the USA.
Vanilla Boosted Extract essential oil blends well with the following essential oils: sandalwood, vetiver, opopanax, benzoin, balsams and spice oils.
Vanilla oil cautions - Non-toxic, common sensitizing agent.

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