Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amyris essential oil

Amyris essential oil, amyris balsamifera, commonly referred to as West Indian Sandalwood oil, the botanical origin of the tree yielding this oil remained obscure until 1886. The main country of origin today is Haiti, where the oil is obtained by steam distillation from broken up wood & branches. The locals call it ‘candle wood’ because of its high oil content; it burns like a candle. It is used for torches by fishermen and traders. It also makes excellent furniture wood. The production of this oil has dropped with the passing of time due to adverse climatic conditions in Haiti.
Amyris essential oil, amyris balsamifera, has historical uses consisting of wound wash, influenza, childbirth recovery, diarrhea, used as a room fragrance or mood fragrance, as a cheaper alternative to genuine Sandalwood. Used as a fragrance, fixative or a component of soap fragrance. Limited application in flavoring work, especially liqueurs.
Amyris oil, amyris balsamifera, blends well with the following essential oils: lavender, citronella, oakmoss, sassafras, and other wood essentials.
Amyris Oil Cautions - not for internal use, fairly non-toxic, non-irritant.
Amyris oil properties - Antiseptic, balsamic, sedative, calming and an aid to stress relief. It has sedative properties and helps during meditation. Muscle relaxant, emollient, soothing agent, stimulant.

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  1. Amyris oil appears to lack the well documented, historically rich background of other essential oils. This is largely due to the fact that the botanical origin of the tree that is used to produce amyris oil,
    The sweet, balsamic, wood-like fragrance of Amyris oil allows it to blend well with geranium oil, pine oil, spruce oil, cedar wood oil, myrrh oil, galbanum oil, frankincense oil, cypress oil, clove oil, aniseed oil, lemon oil, orange oil,

    Commonly found in soaps and other 'Sandalwood' products in place of 'true' Sandalwood, Amyris supports vibrant physical health by helping to remove physical and etheric toxins that congest and distort the body. An alternative choice in place of the endangered 'true' Sandalwood, Amyris is a healthy, inexpensive and sustainable substitute in many aromatherapy applications.
    Amyris Oil